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Private security, Good Samaritans help stop sexual assault

SAN BERNARDINO CA Dec 14 2017 – A man is under arrest after a group of Good Samaritans halted a sexual assault that took place at a San Bernardino gas station Friday night.
According to the San Bernardino Sun, a homeless man entered a Chevron station in the 100 block of North F Street just before midnight, forced a woman to the ground and began to sexually assault her.
At that point, several customers jumped in and intervened, police told the Sun, prompting the man to run away.
Responding San Bernardino police officers tracked down and arrested the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Maurice Roy Edwards, just before 12:30 a.m. Saturday at Rialto Avenue and G Street. He is believed to be a transient. A private security officer was able to help officers identify the man thanks to the surveillance video from the gas station.
“I took a look at the camera, because their patrol security officers came and showed me the film,” Kevin Hawkins with Paradigm Security Services told CBS2. “And I knew the suspect, because he frequents the area constantly.”

According to county records, Edwards is being held on $125,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center on charges of attempted rape. CBSLA

Felon security guard arrested at courthouse with a gun

Image result for Terrebonne Courthouse guard faces weapons charge
Terrebonne Parish LA Dec 14 2017 A Weiser Security guard recently assigned to the Terrebonne Parish Courthouse was arrested today after police learned he had two felony convictions.
Anthony Travis, 32, of Memory Lane, is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.
Travis was convicted in 2005 of possession of a schedule II drug and aggravated flight from an officer, Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman said. He completed his parole in 2011, making him ineligible to have a gun until 2021.
Coleman said Travis started working at the Courthouse last week, and a Terrebonne sheriff’s deputy who supervises trusties recognized him. It was unclear how long he had worked for Weiser Security.
The Houma Police Department took over Courthouse security last month after the Sheriff’s Office bowed out because of budget constraints. However, Coleman said his department of fewer than 100 officers needed help, so the parish contracted with Weiser Security.
Coleman said his department and Weiser Security will meet to discuss the incident and he will make a recommendation to the parish government.
“We are looking at other options and ways they do security elsewhere,” he said. “We just want to put something in place to assure people entering the Courthouse that we do have security.”
Parish President Gordy Dove said the Police Department usually runs its own background checks on guards but relied on the company’s check for Travis.
“I’m very upset that this slipped through the cracks,” he said. “It was just a lapse in communication and following through. I’m very angry about it, and so is the chief. This is inexcusable, and it’s really inconceivable that this guy would have been hired and no one picked it up.”
Dove said he doesn’t want to continue contracting with Weiser Security.
“If they have a very, very good reason why this guy did not show up on the background check, we might reconsider this company,” he said. “It cannot and will not happen in the future. If we go through a security company, we need to run our own background check.”

A receptionist at Weiser Security’s headquarters in New Orleans said no one was available for an interview.

Masked men rob armored courier

The Tesco Express in Alexandra Road

Plymouth England Dec 14 2017 Armed robbers attacked a guard and stole cash from security van at a Plymouth Tesco store today, police have confirmed.
A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Police were called at around 10.30am to Tesco Express on Alexandra Road in Mutley in Plymouth, following reports of a robbery from a security van at the location.
“Two cash boxes are alleged to have been taken from the van.
"A security guard was hit with a metal bar, however, did not require medical attention.”
“A search is currently ongoing to locate three men seen fleeing the scene.”

Police have not yet revealed how much cash was taken or descriptions of the three men seen fleeing the scene.

Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor arrested for sex crimes with child

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. Dec 14 2017— Walter R. Summerfield, a 45-year-old instructor with the Patrick Henry High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC), has been charged with four counts of Indecent Liberties by a Custodian, school officials confirmed.
Summerfield was arrested Wednesday on the Class 6 felony, a Hanover County Sheriff’s spokesman said.
The arrest came after an “extensive investigation,” according to the sheriff’s office.
Summerfield was jailed at Pamunkey Regional Jail with no bond.
Summerfield joined the Patrick Henry NJROTC in 2016, according to the school’s website. He is currently on unpaid leave, the school’s spokesperson said.
He previously served 26 years in the Navy.

Anyone with additional information was asked to call the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office at 804-365-6140 or Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000. Witnesses or students can send news tips here.

Robot security guard freaks out homeless people ... and neighbors

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San Francisco CA Dec 14 2017 The San Francisco SPCA, a non-profit whose mission is "to save and protect animals ... and enhance the human-animal bond," is reportedly doing just the opposite with its latest robot security guard.
It is terrifying homeless people that hang out near the SPCA building in the Mission section of the city, which was part of its objective, but it is freaking out residents as well.
According to San Francisco Business Times, the robot ─ dubbed K9 ─ was put into place to try and deal with the number of needles, car break-ins and other crimes that have reportedly come from a nearby encampment of homeless people.
“We weren’t able to use the sidewalks at all when there’s needles and tents and bikes, so from a walking standpoint I find the robot much easier to navigate than an encampment,” Jennifer Scarlett, the SPCA’s president, said in an interview with the San Francisco Business Times.
After the SPCA implemented the robot, Scarlett said homeless encampments disappeared and fewer cars were broken into. She added that it was not clear whether the robot was the cause of the decrease in crime, but that there was a correlation.
Upon seeing the robot, some of the people in the encampment expressed their annoyance, putting barbecue sauce on its sensors, knocking it over and putting a tarp on it, Scarlett said.
The people in the homeless encampment were not the only ones who were freaked out by the robot.
San Francisco resident Fran Taylor, who lives near the SPCA location, said the robot approached her and her dog while she was out for a walk. The dog began barking and attempted to go near it, while she yelled at it to stop. The robot eventually stopped 10 feet away from her.
Taylor wound up writing a letter to the SPCA, expressing her displeasure after her run-in with the robot. The SPCA responded saying it had security concerns and that the robot was part of its solution.
Last week, the city of San Francisco ordered the SPCA to keep its robot off the sidewalks or it would face a $1,000-a-day penalty for operating it in the public right-of-way without a permit.
This is not the first run-in citizens around the country have had with robot security guards.
In January, a Knightscope robot was seen patrolling the streets of New York City and attracted the attention of curious onlookers.
In April, a man in Mountain View, California attacked a 300-pound security K5 robot made by Knightscope on the company's campus. He claimed he was trying to "test" the robot and was ultimately charged with being drunk in public and a Knightscope employee requested his arrest for prowling.

In July, a Knightscope robot drowned itself, falling into a fountain after it was "hired" to patrol a Washington, DC office building.

Two arrests made after Winston-Salem woman was attacked, robbed at Hanes Mall


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. Dec 14 2017
Two people have been arrested in connection to a robbery and an attack in the parking lot of Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem that left a 31-year-old woman injured during the holiday shopping season.
Jamie Hunter, 31, said she was brutally attacked, and had her belongings stolen, in the parking lot between Dillard's and Macy's on a Saturday night around 6 p.m. in late November.
Hunter said she was cut, bruised and drugged about 5-10 feet during the ordeal.
On Tuesday, police announced two arrests in connection to the incident.
Brittney Little, 28, is charged with five counts of obtaining property by false pretense, misdemeanor breaking/entering, felony larceny, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and two counts of probation violation.
Little was taken into custody on Dec. 7 and was issued $60,000 bond. She is accused of using a credit card in Hunter's purse to make fradulent charges.
A 14-year-old boy is also facing juvenile petitions for allegedly assaulting the victim and stealing her purse.
Hunter says she hopes other shoppers become more aware of their surroundings because she will moving forward.
"We see people all the time and we don't think anything of it," Hunter said. "You just really need to be aware of your surroundings because when he tackled me, that was the first real instance I knew he was there."
Winston-Salem police confirm they have seen the same report, but are still looking to contact the victim. The report alleged that an employee was leaving the mall on Dec. 9 when several men ran up behind a woman, shoved her to the ground, and kicked her until she gave up her belongings.
Following Hunter's attack, a spokesperson from Hanes Mall released the following statement:
"Our top priority is to provide a comfortable, convenient and enjoyable experience for our customers, retailers and employees. We are aware of the incident that occurred on Saturday evening and are currently working with WSPD as they investigate. Hanes Mall has a number of security measures in place, covering both the interior and exterior of the shopping center. Some of these measures are visible to the customer and some are not. We evaluate our security program on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as necessary."

WXII 12 News also inquired specifically about Hunter's experience, and the amount of patrolling done outside of the mall, but officials would not elaborate any further.

Belize City security gunned down leaves behind 8 children

BELIZE CITY, Honduras  Mon. Dec. 14, 2017– An unarmed Honduran national who was doing guard duty is dead — a victim of gun violence after weeks of calm in the old capital.
According to police reports, shortly after 3 o’clock on Saturday morning, investigators visited the scene of the crime, Buca Shell gas station situated at 2 ½ Miles on the Philip Goldson Highway. There, officers saw the motionless body of Baltazar Sarmiento, 61. He was lying face-down on the compound with an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of his head.
Amandala understands that shortly after midnight, Sarmiento was eating some food when two men pulled up in a boat from behind the gas station. The men disembarked the vessel and attempted to gain access to the convenience store at the gas station. Sarmiento attempted to prevent them from doing so, and that was when he was shot in his temple by one of the men. The men then ran back into their waiting boat and made good their escape, emptyhanded.
The entire incident was caught on the gas station’s surveillance system. However, police are having difficulties identifying the men because their faces were wrapped with shirts.
In an interview with Amandala today, Micros Sarmiento, 19, told us how he learnt of his father’s tragic demise.
“I mi find out this di Saturday morning, 6 o’clock exact, when my neighbor come knock on my window and tell me that how I must go check on my father da ih work ‘cause some tragedy happen and they seh ih dead,” Micros said.
According to Micros, he didn’t believe the story, and so he went to his father’s workplace, where the worst was confirmed.
I never believe so I jump on a bike quick and rush cross to fi hihn job site, expecting to see him,” Micros said. “I ride and circle eena the gas station, to see if I could see him, but all I could see da his blood on the ground beside the vehicle where hihn mi di eat before dehn come and take away his life,” he related.
Micros told our newspaper that he was unsure as to why anyone would want to hurt his father.
“I noh sure why they shoot him. My people are saying it was a robbery, but dehn never take nothing. Nothing gone missing. Dehn noh thief nothing; it is like dehn gone there to kill him,” Micros said. “I think somebody wanted to hurt him, but I noh know for what. All I know, he was a good man. He never harm, threaten or had any problem with anybody,” he said.
Micros will remember his father as a hardworking man.

“He was our breadwinner,” Micros said. “I remember he stood by my side throughout my time in high school. When I graduate, he was at my graduation. It is just one year since I graduated. He was trying to put me on my foot, trying fi mek I get a job now.”
Now, with his father’s sudden death, Micros will have to do it on his own. He told Amandala that if his father was armed, the incident would have unfolded differently.
“I don’t think they rush him like that. He might have gotten hurt, but he would still be alive,” he said.
When Amandala today contacted Marco Miranda, the manager of the gas station, he told us, “Apparently they came to rob the place, and the place was already closed. He was the only one here and so apparently he was shot by surprise.”
Sarmiento had worked as the watchman of the gas station for the last 14 years; every day he worked from 8 p.m. to about 7 a.m.
Miranda told our newspaper, “Mr. Sarmiento was a very dedicated man to his work, always punctual, always willing to go the extra mile for the company.”

A postmortem examination will be conducted on Sarmiento’s body tomorrow. In the meantime, his family is making arrangements to send his body to Honduras, where he will be buried beside his mother’s grave. Sarmiento leaves behind 8 children.

Little Rock Target store security agent tased by shoplifter

Image result for personal taser

LITTLE ROCK AR Dec 14 2017
A man suspected of stealing from a Little Rock store Tased a security guard when the security officer confronted him Monday, police reported.
Officers were called at 5:36 p.m. to Target at 12700 Chenal Parkway. A security guard, Brian Grishby, 29, said he'd confronted a man and a woman who appeared to be leaving the store without paying for several items, according to a police report. The man pulled out a small pink device described as a Taser and shocked Grishby on his left side.
The man and woman then fled with a shopping cart containing about $427 in merchandise, according to the report. They were seen approaching a black Ford Flex in the parking lot.
Police said that Grishby declined medical treatment.
The man accused of Tasering him is described as black, 5-feet-7 and 175 pounds with short braided hair. He reportedly wore a Bluetooth device around his neck. The report says it appeared the man was not able to use his left arm.

The woman was described as black, 5-feet-10 and 165 pounds.

Aldermen want Chicago airport security to be designated 'police' again

 Image result for chicago airport police
Chicago IL Dec 14 2017 Chicago aldermen are again fighting city Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans’ decision to remove the word “police” from airport security officers’ titles after an infamous dragging incident on a United Airlines flight at O’Hare airport.
An ordinance introduced Wednesday would take away Evans’ power to make the change and once again designate roughly 290 airport officers as police on their uniforms. It faces an uphill battle though. The proposal’s sponsors said Wednesday they haven’t spoken to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration about the idea, nor have they taken a head count in the City Council to see if they have enough support to push it forward.
“We have not lobbied to see how many votes we do or do not have,” said West Side Ald. Chris Taliaferro, 29th. “We’re just trying to bring attention and restore security at our airport by restoring police powers to these men and women.”
Taliaferro said that with heightened concern about terrorist incidents at American airports, it makes sense to give the officers the clear authority to deal with situations that arise rather than placing them in the diminished role of security guards. Under the ordinance, only the City Council would have the authority to change the airport officers’ designations.
Chicago’s airport police got international scrutiny after an April incident in which officers dragged passenger Dr. David Dao off an overbooked flight. Video of the incident was shared on social media, resulting in an apology from United's CEO and changes to company procedures.
Evans subsequently issued an order changing the rules for the force, removing the word "police" from the officers' uniforms and removing them as the lead responders on disturbance calls at the airports and on planes.

The airport officers are represented by the powerful Service Employees International Union, which many aldermen turn to for campaign funds and support.
Chicago Tribune

The Dallas transit agency votes on spending millions for more cameras, security guards

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Dallas TX Dec 14 2017 DART approved millions of dollars for a new safety plan that includes armed security guards and more security cameras.
The Dallas transit agency is facing complaints that there are not enough police officers on trains and not enough security cameras to record criminal activity. DART plans to hire uniformed security guards to assist its police department.
The agency’s planners say a safer and more secure riding experience on DART trains and buses is still on track.
The agency has a plan for more surveillance on the platforms and better lighting to be fully implemented by April 2018. Their goal is to discourage crime, like the brutal mob beating recorded on a cell phone earlier this year.
The board formally voted Tuesday night to add cameras to its 163 light rail vehicles and hire 30 new armed security guards. It’s a quicker safety solution than putting DART police officers through a lengthy training academy.
"Then, they're doing field training. So it takes a long time for them to be actually out in the field,” explained DART spokesman Morgan Lyons. “Armed security guards, we can get out quicker. And that’s one of the areas where the board's challenged us is to move quicker."
The agency plans to have more eyes, light and security presence, especially during overnight hours.
"Dallas police brings in additional personnel to do additional coverage during the period from 10 to 2 a.m. and throughout the night,” explained DART Police Chief James Spiller.
DART has also faced criticism for not releasing surveillance video to help catch violent criminals while petty crimes seem to get more exposure. In terms of the ongoing debate of whether or when to release video, there's no clear-cut answers.
"Considering how we can use that technology to either help identify that person or to deliver information, that’s kind of an ongoing conversation for us,” Lyons said.
DART also has other plans in the works to make trains safer, including putting a feed of the security camera footage on bus monitors so people know they're being watched.

Staff will come back to the board in January with a plan to deploy that idea.

Man shot to death in Walmart parking lot following minor traffic accident

Waukegan Walmart shooting
Waukegan IL Dec 14 2017 Waukegan police reported that investigators continued to chase down leads and review security footage Tuesday following a fatal shooting and traffic collision Monday near the Fountain Square Walmart.
Cmdr. Joe Florip said the department would not be releasing an update on Tuesday, but he added the investigation was moving ahead.
On Monday, police reported that a man was found shot to death in the parking lot of the Walmart on the west side of Waukegan, with Police Chief Wayne Walles saying it was not a random incident.
According to Walles, dispatchers received 911 calls around 6 p.m. reporting a hit-and-run, and then more calls came in about shots fired in the east parking lot.
"Upon arrival, officers found an adult male. He was pronounced dead at the scene," Walles said.
Evidence technicians could be seen huddling near a light pole at the northern end of the parking lot, and police set up an operations tent near the pole.
Walles said the incident happened outside the store and did not involve and employees from the Walmart on Waukegan Road.
"It appears not to be random, and there is no threat to the community," he said.
According to Walles, witness statements were being taken and the surveillance video from the store was being reviewed for leads in the case.
Florip said dispatchers fielded multiple calls on the incident, and it is possible that multiple vehicles were involved, but he would not elaborate. Walles also stated there was evidence of an accident at the scene.
"We're still putting the pieces together," Florip said at the scene Monday night.

The Lake County Coroner's Office also arrived and is investigating the shooting with Waukegan police, Florip said.
Lake county Sun News

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

LODD: Police Officer Paul Lazinsky

Police Officer Paul Lazinsky
El Mirage Police Department, Arizona
End of Watch Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Age 58
Tour 17 years
Military Veteran

Police Officer Paul Lazinsky suffered a fatal heart attack while involved in a foot pursuit of a wanted juvenile in the area of Grand Avenue and Greenway Road.
Officer Lazinsky suffered a medical emergency and collapsed during the pursuit. Other officers immediately provided medical aid but he passed away a short time later. The subject he was chasing was apprehended.

Officer Lazinsky was a U.S. Army veteran and had served with the El Mirage Police Department for 17 years. He is survived by his wife, three children, mother, and two siblings.

Altercation with mall security leads to misdemeanor charges

Drew Smith

TUPELO MS Dec 13 2017 – A Saturday night confrontation between a man and security officers at The Mall at Barnes Crossing ended with 11 hours in jail and three misdemeanor charges for a Tupelo resident.
A cell phone video, which went viral on social media over the weekend, of the incident shows a group of young people congregating just outside the mall entrance around 10:30 p.m. Dec. 9.
Security officers appeared to not be letting them inside the mall, which had just closed, from the video.
Drew Smith, 18, of 415 Park St., Tupelo, stepped into a doorway and confronted an off-duty Tupelo police officer, who was working at the time as a security officer for the mall.
When Smith appeared to chest bump the officer, two armed and uniformed security officers then wrestled him to the ground. Smith was handcuffed and dragged into the mall to await Tupelo police to arrest him.

Smith was booked into the Lee County Adult Jail at 10:59 p.m. Saturday, initially charged with simple assault on a police officer, which is a felony, failure to comply and resisting arrest. The assault charge was later lowered to misdemeanor simple assault. He was released on a total bond of $3,200 Sunday morning. djournal

Man steals taxi, smashes through security gate at Trump National

JUPITER, Fla. Dec 13 2017 Jupiter Police arrested a man who they say assaulted a taxi driver, stole the car and smashed through the security gate at Trump National Golf Club during his getaway.
The taxi driver told police he picked up 52-year-old Robert Smith from the Square Grouper in Jupiter on Saturday night. During the drive to Trump National, the taxi driver said Smith hit him in the head a couple of times, and once more when they arrived at the security gate.
According to the report, both the taxi driver and Smith got out of the car when Smith suddenly hopped into the front seat and drove off. Police said he smashed through the security gate.
Police recovered the taxi at the man's home. The car had front-end damage and the doors were left wide open, according to the report. Outside the home, police found blood on the ground. According to the report, officers kicked open the front door due to their concern for the welfare of Smith. Inside they found Smith in his bedroom, with blood on his face, nose, hands, and shirt.
Smith told police he didn't do anything wrong and that he fell on his face, according to the arrest report.

Police took Smith to Jupiter Medical Center to be evaluated before his trip to the Palm Beach County Jail. He's out on bond.WPEC

Virginia Credit Union using new eye print security option

Richmond VA Dec 13 2017 Virginia Credit Union is offering another layer of security for its mobile banking users.
EyeVerify is a biometric authentication based on a person’s eye print. The feature uses a phone camera and eye print to confirm the user’s identity when opening the credit union’s mobile banking app.
EyeVerify is an option for members who do not want to manually enter a password or for those do not have a phone that accepts fingerprint identification. Unlike other biometric technologies, it doesn’t depend on a particular model of smartphone.
“Since not all phones are enabled for fingerprint authentication but most offer a camera, we wanted to provide an additional layer of security for their mobile banking information,” said Frank Macrina, senior vice president of products and channels for Virginia Credit Union.
The optional technology can provide users with a fast and secure way to use the mobile banking app, Macrina said. Also, if a phone is lost, EyeVerify locks down access to the member’s accounts.
It can be used as well for people who have joint accounts, with eye prints recorded for both users and verified upon opening the app.
The eye biometric offers a stronger option than a thumbprint, Macrina said. However, it is a new technology, and the thumbprint is still the most popular method of biometric security.
The credit union began offering the technology in the spring ahead of many of its banking competitors.
“We’re still waiting for the numbers,” he said when asked how many people have signed up.
VACU members can enroll through the setting menu of their mobile banking application.
The Chesterfield County-based financial cooperative has about 263,000 members, including 129,000 mobile users.

Times Dispatch

Supreme Court refuses to hear lesbian’s security guard ‘s employment discrimination lawsuit

Washington DC Dec 13 2017
On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a lesbian woman who claims she was harassed at work and forced to leave her job because she is a lesbian who does not conform to traditionally female stereotypes.
Jameka Evans, a security guard at Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah, filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the hospital violated her rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by discriminating against her because of her sexual orientation and her nonconformity with gender norms of appearance and demeanor.
A district court dismissed the case, finding that Evans had no right to sue because Title VII — which prohibits discrimination based on sex — does not apply to people discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.
Lambda Legal, which is representing Evans, filed an appeal, arguing that sexual orientation discrimination constitutes a form of sex-based discrimination. A three-judge panel on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit.
Evans’ lawyers appealed again, asking for a full hearing by the 11th Circuit, which rejected the request, thereby forcing Evans to appeal to the Supreme Court.
“By declining to hear this case, the Supreme Court is delaying the inevitable and leaving a split in the circuits that will cause confusion across the country,” Greg Nevins, the director of the Employment Fairness Project at Lambda Legal, said in a statement. “But this was not a ‘no’ but a ‘not yet,’ and rest assured that Lambda Legal will continue the fight, circuit by circuit as necessary, to establish that the Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual orientation discrimination.”

 “The vast majority of Americans believe that LGBT people should be treated equally in the workplace,” Nevins added. “The public is on the right side of history; it’s unfortunate that the Supreme Court has refused to join us today, but we will continue to invite them to do the right thing and end this hurtful balkanization of the right of LGBT people to be out at work.”

Robbery suspects kill India security officer

Chapra, India Dec 13 2017 Unidentified armed robbers attempted to rob and then shot dead a private security guard of a cash van and injured another on NH 102 near Mehiyamala village under Garkha police station of Saran district.
The deceased identified as Santosh Kumar (45) aborted attempt to loot the cash van, Superintendent of Police Hari Kishore Rai said.
Six armed miscreants ambushed the cash van which was going to replenish an ATM of State Bank of India at Garkha and shot dead a private security guard and injured another when they resisted the loot bid, the SP said.

The injured security guard, who was first admitted to Chapra sadar hospital, was later rushed to Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), Patna for treatment, the SP said.

Akron man sentenced to life in prison in March slaying of security officer

AKRON, Ohio Dec 13 2017-- An Akron man was sentenced Monday to life in prison for the shooting death of a security guard earlier this year at a local bar, prosecutors said.
Thomas Dunn, 20, previously pleaded guilty to aggravated murder with a gun specification in the March 7 killing of Daniel Turner at Game 7 Bar and Grill in Akron.
Judge Amy Corrigall Jones sentenced him Monday in Summit County Common Pleas Court.
Dunn, who was 19 at the time of fatal shooting, will be eligible for parole after serving 23 years in prison, prosecutors said.
Dunn tried to enter the bar for a concert but was turned away. He later returned with a gun and started shooting at a group of security guards at the front door, authorities said.
Turner, 33, was struck by the gunfire and later died.
Dunn and another man -- 21-year-old Anthony Cox -- were arrested and charged in the shooting shortly after the incident.

Cox plead guilty in October to obstructing justice and was sentenced to nine months in jail, prosecutors said.

Horry County School Board members vote to have security at Elementary Schools

Horry County, S.C. Dec 13 2017  Horry County School Board members took the first step to hire security guards for the county's youngest students Monday night.
Board members voted unanimously to expand the current security contract to include elementary schools. They also voted to allow staff to immediately begin recruitment, even though a final vote won't happen until January.
Currently, only high schools and middle schools have guards.
"We haven't had any students perish in fires but we do a lot to protect the building from fires," School Board Chairman Joe Defeo explained. "Well, we need to do the same thing to protect them from an active shooter situation, or a disgruntled person, or whomever."
The extra guards will cost the district $238,000, which will be drawn from the general fund this year and worked into future budgets.
The total amount spent on security will still be half the cost of the former contract between the district and the Horry County Police Department.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

North Carolina Security Officer Shot To Death During Robbery

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. Dec 12 2017- Winston-Salem police are considering numerous leads as they search for two suspects they say shot two employees of a sweepstakes business, killing one of the men and putting the other in critical, unstable condition.
“It’d be sad any time, but it’s sadder this time of year,” said Marilyn Fredrick Stanley, who used to frequent the business and knows both victims.
Police say they’ve determined that shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, two suspects armed with handguns entered “The Hook” sweepstakes on Kernersville Road. There, they shot the victims before running away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
“It was probably pretty frantic,” Fredrick Stanley said. “I can’t imagine being in that position.”
The employee who was killed has been identified as 53-year-old Albert Fitzhugh Haskins Jr. Coworkers and friends say Haskins worked as a security guard at the business. Police say he died at the scene.
“He’s such a gentle giant,” Fredrick Stanley said. “He’s such a nice guy.”
Police say the second victim is a 28-year-old, but are not releasing his identity for investigative purposes. The 28-year-old was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment.
“I guess obviously, even with security, it wasn’t good enough,” Fredrick Stanley said.

Police say the same sweepstakes business was robbed at gunpoint on June 13 and July 22.

Security officer at Atlanta movie shoot ran over by angry driver

Atlanta GA Dec 12 2017
A security officer working on a movie set was hit by a car after the driver became angry that he had saved parking spaces in a shopping center for the movie crew.
The Atlanta movie team had to halt production because the security guard was allegedly run down by a mall customer in a parking lot, according to police and local news sources.
The terrifying incident happened on Dec. 6 at the Buckhead shops where shooting was set to begin.
The series is filming its seventh season, which should premiere sometime in 2018.

Before cameras began rolling, their security saved a parking spot for the production, which apparently angered the shopper. The customer then revved the engine and hit the security guard, injuring his left leg, witnesses told the media outlet.
The driver went into a nearby golf store before fleeing, cops said. While there haven’t been any arrests made yet, police did speak to employees at the golf store to ID the driver, and got surveillance footage of the incident from another store.

Security officer nabs employee stealing $10,000 in buffalo coins

OKLAHOMA CITY OK Dec 12 2017 A man is behind bars after attempting to steal almost $10,000 in coins.
A worker at APMEX, was caught by a security officer trying to hide buffalo coins in the bathroom. The coins are made by APMEX.
On Dec. 8, 34-year-old, Ryan Garden, was arrested on the count of Grand Larceny.
At APMEX, any coworker must be escorted by security when going to another floor of the building.
Garden needed to go to another part of the building so a security guard joined him.
The security guard noted that Garden was very sweaty and was acting suspicious. Garden told the security officer he needed to use the restroom but the security officer stated that he had to go into the restroom with him.
Garden went into the last stall of the bathroom and the security guard said that what happened next was even more suspicious.
Garden made what sounded like a "fake" sneeze then blew his nose and made a lot of noise which included a rattling noise from the toilet paper holder.
After Garden was done, he walked out and told the security officer he needed to go back to his original floor. The security guard thought it was suspicious so took him back to his floor then went back to the bathroom.
The security guard found seven 10oz gold buffalo coins concealed inside the toilet paper holder.
The security guard confronted Garden in the conference room and Garden admitted to stealing the coins.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail without incident.

Man facing charges after allegedly committing lewd act in public view near college

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. Dec 12 2017– A man is facing charges after allegedly committing a lewd act in public view.
Michael Hollenbaugh, 34, is facing indecent exposure and failure to yield to emergency vehicle charges for the incident.
On December 9 at approximately 10:00 a.m., police were requested to assist Dickinson College’s Department of Public Safety in the 200 block of W. High St. for a report of a male masturbating in a vehicle in public view.
Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the vehicle continued to drive for several blocks before pulling over.

A witness was able to positively identify the driver of the vehicle, Hollenbaugh, as the one who committed the lewd act.

Fire ravages United Commercial Bank branch in Narayanganj, security guard dies

Narayanganj Bangladesh Dec 12 2017
A fireman was critically injured after falling from a roof during the battle to control the fire in the Tanbazar neighbourhood.
The fire started on the third floor of the 10-storey ‘Padma City Plaza – 1’ building around 4:30am, said Narayanganj Fire Service Deputy Assistant Director Mamun-ur Rashid.
Nine fire service units from Dhaka and Narayanganj fought the flames for nearly two-and-a-half hours before they managed to subdue it.
An initial investigation of the scene suggests an electrical malfunction may have been responsible for the blaze, said Mamun-ur Rashid. The fire did not spread to any of the nearby flats and a major disaster was averted, he set.
The bank lost furniture, computers and a substantial number of documents, but the vault was unharmed, said UCB Narayanganj Branch Manager Nurul Absar.
The Narayanganj City Corporation owns the 10-storey building. The first and second floors are occupied by stores. The UCB branch and a branch of Bangladesh Krishi Bank were located on the second floor. The upper floors had various offices and residential flats.
A local resident said they heard shouting around dawn and ran outside to see flames engulfing the third floor of the Padma City Plaza. Soon the entire area was covered in smoke.
Many of the residents ran to the roof to escape the flames. The fire service later rescued 35 people trapped on the roof.
The fire service also recovered the body of a 43-year-old security guard after opening the gates to the bank branch.

Fireman Aminul Islam, 35, fell from the roof as he attempted to douse the flames and was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital in critical condition.  

Shuttle bus driver charged with killing colleague at Walter Reed says he was defending himself

Washington DC Dec 12 2017 A shuttle bus driver who police said fatally shot a colleague on Friday at the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center told authorities that the victim had moments earlier punched him so hard that several of his teeth fell out, according to newly filed court documents.
The suspect, Wright Koonce, 59, who has addresses in Silver Spring, Md., and Falls Church, Va., said that after he was struck, he grabbed a .38 caliber revolver and shot the victim as he ran “with his back to him,” the arrest affidavits says.
Police said Koonce then stood over Brian Andre Gibson, 45, and fired another shot. He reloaded his revolver but did not fire again because the victim was not moving, the affidavit says. He told police he feared for his life and fired at the fleeing Gibson “because he did not know what the decedent was going to do.”
Koonce was charged on Saturday with second-degree murder while armed. A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered him detained until a preliminary hearing Jan. 4. In a statement Friday, police had reversed the order of the suspect’s name, erroneously identifying him as Koonce Wright.
The shooting occurred around 8 a.m. on Friday just inside the gated entrance to the old army complex located along Georgia Avenue between Brightwood and Shepherd Park in Northwest Washington.
Police said in the affidavit that Koonce and Gibson worked for G&M Limo Service, which shuttles construction workers from a parking lot near the Georgia Avenue entrance to a construction site. Walter Reed is being redeveloped into a residential and retail complex. Representatives for the limo company could not immediately be reached.
Relatives of Koonce and Gibson could not be reached on Monday. Koonce’s attorney did not respond to messages. Gibson lived in an apartment across the street from the Walter Reed complex.
Police said without elaborating that the two men had argued about transporting the construction workers. Koonce told detectives, according to the affidavit, that he retreated to his vehicle in the lot but that Gibson followed, opened the driver’s side door and beat him. Koonce said he grabbed his gun, got out of the vehicle and shot Gibson as he fled. The two were about seven feet away, according to police.
A witness told police he saw Koonce walk to a guard shack and that he “just stood by and waited for the police to arrive, without uttering any words,” the affidavit says.

Police said the suspect was bleeding from the mouth and was missing teeth.
Washington Post